About Us

We believe financially responsible people deserve something better. That is why we strive to eliminate unnecessary costs from the system and offer our clients the lowest possible rates.

Why We Started Earnest

We are a team of math and computer nerds who love to use technology, not only to save you money, but to find different and better ways to do lending. We believe the purpose of all banks and lenders is to help their clients realize their hopes and dreams, but we are fed up with a financial system that has forgotten this primary purpose. We started Earnest to bring back the trust that is so sorely missing from the current financial system and to build a modern financial institution that actually delivers on the goal of making our clients’ lives better.

Whatever your dream, we help get you there. We do simple, low-cost lending to financially responsible people, and we allow them to customize their repayment experience to make it easier to pay us back. These loans are not for the most wealthy people. These are loans for great people. We want to help our clients start their lives, put them in control of their finances, realize their aspirations, and create a relationship with them that lasts a lifetime.

Who We Are

We are a skilled team of design, math, finance, and technology geeks who think differently about trust within the financial system and decided to do something about it. We started Earnest to build a finance company that combines rich data analytics, simple, functional design, and elegant software to bring people a fast, low-cost, and hyper-personalized experience. Our mission is to greatly enhance people’s lives by lowering the high costs and barriers to credit faced by millions of financially responsible people.

Louis Beryl

CEO and Co-Founder

Louis believes we can fix the financial system with elegant software, smarter data, and thoughtful design. He studied mathematics, economics, computer science, and engineering at Princeton before his graduate studies at Harvard. Prior to Earnest, Louis worked at banks, government agencies, startups, and the venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz.

Benjamin Hutchinson

COO and Co-Founder

Ben is COO and co-founder of Earnest where he oversees risk, underwriting, finance, legal, and operations. Ben’s wide finance experience includes his time at the UK Treasury during the banking crisis. Ben believes that building trust and providing great financial products can make people’s lives better.

Brian Romanko


Brian is Earnest’s CTO where he leads technology strategy, guiding the team to create products that our clients love and trust. He has held positions at Frog and Dell, launched Heyride, a ride-sharing service acquired by Sidecar, and operated his own software consultancy.

Richard Yang


Richard has over 25 years of financial services experience, most recently as Chief Risk Officer of BarclayCard in Europe. Richard has experience as Senior Partner at FICO and a Managing Director at Experian, as well as Fifth Third, Sears, and Macy’s.

Austen Head

Data Lead

Austen is the Founding Data Scientist at Earnest. During his PhD in statistics at Stanford his research focused on developing methods to analyze heterogeneous and interrelated data. At Earnest he is putting that background to work building a system to uncover Earnest-worthy clients whose loans are destined for success.

Daniel Demetri

Product Manager

Daniel serves as Earnest’s Product Manager. He joins from Google, where he helped launch a new version of Google Maps. Previously, Daniel worked at Angelo, Gordon & Co. as an analyst of corporate credit and commercial real estate. Daniel received an A.B. from Harvard College with a concentration in Computer Science.

Kyle McConnell

Principal Designer

Kyle directs design at Earnest with a heavy focus on user experience, product, emotion, and sweating the details. Before Earnest, Kyle led design for a wide range of agencies and startups, working with big name clients spanning from music software to the world’s largest digital loyalty program, Belly.

Beth Stevens

General Counsel

Beth is the General Counsel at Earnest, where she navigates lending rules and regulations. Before Earnest, she was General Counsel of Sidecar. Beth is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law and the Kellogg School of Management. When not working, she enjoys skiing in Tahoe and dreams of one day adopting a pug.

Patrick Stanley


After graduating from Johns Hopkins, Patrick founded a sunglass company that sponsored one cataract surgery for each sale. Afterwards he became a student of disruptive theory, seeing a massive opportunity to level the financial landscape by rebuilding it from the ground up.

Alex Lockwood

Software Engineer

Alex enjoys writing code with the engineering team, and is passionate about fun, functional user interfaces and well written code. Alex also enjoys racing bicycles. His background is in Mathematics leaning towards the abstract, and he was an oarsman in college. He found his way to engineering after a short stint on Wall Street.

Binh Nguyen

Software Engineer

Binh is a software engineer at Earnest, focusing primarily on front end development. Working closely with engineering and design, he aims to improve Earnest’s internal tools and the experience for clients. Outside of work he enjoys traveling, concerts, basketball and general tomfoolery.

Byron Callan

Software Engineer

Byron is a software engineer at Earnest, where he helps to build a brighter future for people through a better financial system. A recent graduate of Pomona College, Byron’s previous work includes research into the field of tattoo-based biometrics. At Earnest his main role is the design and implementation of internal tools.

Connie Chang

Software Engineer

Connie is a software engineer at Earnest. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Business Administration, she worked in accounting and finance before making the transition to programming. She is motivated by any opportunity to build or learn, and enjoys hanging out with her chinchilla.

Hala Baig

Client Happiness

After having worked for several financial institutions, Hala decided to become part of the solution to bad banking and joined Earnest’s Client Happiness team after graduating from UC Davis. When she’s not responding to your calls, emails, and chats, Hala’s usually reading the latest bestseller or planning her next adventure.

Hannah Swann

Brand Designer

Hannah is a designer at Earnest with a focus on brand, illustration, and the future. She uses her background in fine arts to influence her design decisions and aesthetic. When she is not pushing pixels or doodling, you can find her watching cartoons, exploring the outdoors, or perfecting her archery aim.

Jason James

Product Designer

Jason is a product & visual designer repping Chicago wherever he goes. Prior to Earnest, he led design for numerous SaaS apps including Kin, DoneDone, and Intercom. Before working with startups, he designed advertising and marketing campaigns for clients like Google, AARP, and Notre Dame.

John Davidson

Credit Officer

John is passionate about helping clients reach their financial goals. Prior to joining the team as a Credit Officer, John was a Private Bank underwriter at J.P. Morgan. After exploring 26 countries and studying Economics, International Business, and Chinese, John is well versed to meet the unique needs of Earnest’s clients.

Kai Hofius

Software Engineer

Kai is a (mostly) server-side software engineer. Before Earnest, they were wrangling Google Spreadsheets into project management tools and defining quality control processes at Minted. When Kai isn’t coding, they're probably riding or tinkering with a bicycle or learning to play a new instrument.

Kevin Wang

Credit Officer

Kevin makes sure risk and underwriting run smoothly, building tools that help underwriting get its job done more efficiently and keep the fraud and default rate at zero. Prior to joining Earnest, Kevin spent time at D. E. Shaw, Cowboy Ventures, and as CIO of the $16mm student endowment at Stanford, while completing his degree in Econ.

Neeta Bidwai


Neeta is building new partnership verticals at Earnest. Prior to joining Earnest, she was a senior advisor on Capitol Hill focusing on telecom and energy projects. Neeta attended Duke University, and when she’s not at work, you can find her in wine country or at the beach.

Ryan Kennedy

Risk Officer

Ryan works in Earnest’s risk and underwriting group helping manage portfolio risk, improve operations, and dream up how we can serve our clients with even better products, services, and features. Prior to Earnest, Ryan worked at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Bain & Company, and multiple lending companies.

Ryan Pon

Software Engineer

Ryan engineers server-side software at Earnest. Before Earnest, he tackled real-time routing algorithms for the SF transit app, Rover. His interests include climbing rocks, making music, and competitive ballroom dancing. He is motivated by being able to shape the environment around him through his engineering at Earnest.

Scott Tsuchiyama

Software Engineer

Scott is a software engineer at Earnest where he builds and improves the code that lives at its heart. Before Earnest, Scott researched the mechanisms of aging and authored several papers. Through his research, he has gained a unique perspective on problem solving and attention to detail, and Earnest’s products are better for it.

Scott Turnquest

Software Engineer

Scott joined Earnest as a software engineer because he’s excited about helping people get better loans. He believes that simplicity is one of the most important attributes in process, products and software. When Scott isn’t coding for work he’s coding for fun. When he’s not coding, he’s sleeping.

Our Investors

We are lucky enough to have the confidence of some of the best investors in the world including industry leading venture capital firms and a small group of visionary angels.